Thanks for stopping by our club. In January of 2010 a group of like minded cyclists based in and around Concord/Kannapolis, NC gathered to start Central Carolina Cycling Club. We are a cycling club that is open to anyone no matter what your skill level, from BSN (Brand Spankin' New) to more experienced riders.

Our main goal is to create scheduled rides and create routes where we can gather and all ride as a group. We have had great support from Jim, Jesus & Toby from the Right Gear (www.rightgear.net), and we have created several rides a week starting at their shop. Please see our rides section for more details.



Who We Are
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We are an open cycling club based in and around Concord/Kannapolis NC.

We aim to accommodate road, mountain, or any other type of cycling that our members are in to.

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Central Carolina Cycling Club is open to all disciplines and levels of cycling ability. We are a USA Cycling (USAC) registered club that actively promotes the sport of cycling in a positive light to our community, promotes safe, responsible cycling, and enjoys the fun atmosphere of group cycling.

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SAMBO Ride: Saturday All Year 8AM

Go With The Flowe:  - Sunday 2pm

C4 K-Town Train Ride: Tuesday 6pm

C4 TRG Ride: Thursday 6pm


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C4 Tues. Kannapolis Train Station Ride 6:00PM

C4 Kannapolis Train Station Ride - Tuesday 6:00PM Intermediate Ride Advanced Ride green-icon

Tuesdays we will have an evening ride starting at The Kannapolis Train Station  201 S Main St, Kannapolis, NC 28081 at 6:00 PM.  This will be split into an A, B  and C rides.  The A Ride will be race pace 18mph+ full drop ride at about 26 miles.  The B Ride will be a NO DROP Ride that will follow the A ride route , but at a slower pace.  The C ride will be a true beginner ride at 14ish miles.  Click through to the map and cue sheets here:

Tuesday A/B Ride Online Route Map (<-- click link to go to map/cue sheet)


Tuesday C Ride Route Map (<-- click link to go to map/cue sheet)

Weather For Ride Start Click Here for Start Location Weather

C4 Thur. TRG Ride 6:00PM

C4 TRG Shop Ride - Thursday 6:00PM Intermediate Ride Advanced Ride  

Thursdays we will have a evening ride starting at The Right Gear in Concord at 6:00 PM. This will be split into an A and B ride.  The A Ride will be race pace 18mph+ full drop ride at about 33 miles.  The B Ride will be a NO DROP Ride at 25 miles, average speed between 16-17.






A Ride Online Route Map

 B Ride Online Route Map

Weather For Ride Start Click Here for Start Location Weather


NotesA note about safety: Please make sure that you have a working flashing red tail light, reflectors, and a working headlamp of some sort. We don't know how the light will be toward the end of the ride and we want to be as visible as possible.





SAMBO Ride - Saturday 8:00 AM

The SAMBO (Saturday AM Bike Outing) features A, B, and C rides intended to accommodate most levels of riders. All groups will leave from The Right Gear in Concord at 8am every Saturday. A, B, & C Rides will have a pickup point at the Food Lion on South Union Street. The pack usually comes by between 8:15 and 8:30.

If it is raining at the start, then the ride will be canceled, but if we start and get caught out, the we'll "call an audible" on the road. We have been known to ride when the temperature is in the teens so don't assume that no one will be there!


Weather For Ride StartClick Here For Start Location Weather


Advanced Ride "A" ride:
37 miles. Intended to be a race-pace training ride. Grab a cue sheet and go! If you think you can pull off a 36 mile solo breakaway, then have at it. If you happen to bonk during your quest for bragging rights and the rest of the "A" riders smile as they blow by you, then the B group will be there soon to pick you up.
Intermediate Ride "B" ride:
37 miles. Same route as the "A" ride, but this one is a no-drop, 15-17 mph pace with a designated ride leader/sweeper.
Novice Ride "C" ride:
25 miles.  This ride will run on most of the same roads as the A & B, but will cut off several of the more challenging sections.  For those who want to take it easy and be social, or want to get some riding tips from a more experienced rider, this one's for you. This ride will be a no-drop, 13-15 mph pace ride and is flexible depending on who shows up.

Go With The Flowe

Go With The Flowe - Sunday 2 PM Indermediate Ride Advanced Ride  Or Anytime!

We have reopened the route and this ride is now marked and ready for anyone to ride.  We have a standing ride at 2PM on Sunday but you can do it any time.  Just look for this mark.


The route begins at W.W. Flowe Park right behind Central Cabarrus High School on Central Heights Rd. right off of HWY 49.  This is a 36.54 mile route with rolling hills, that passes through three counties.  Great scenery, little traffic and great people!  This is a Show and Go ride. I would encourage anyone interested to sign up on the mailing list (upper right corner of the site)  or check the forum, for up to the minute participation and information,

Route Map Go With the Flowe Online Route Map
Weather For Ride Start Click Here for Start Location Weather



NotesPlease Note: There are minimal bailout options on this route to make it shorter if you burn out, so make sure that you are in shape to take on this route.


Mailing List
Join Our Rides Mailing LIst!
This mailing list is open to members and non-members of the club and is meant to help everyone find a riding partner and stay up to date on all of our rides.
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