How We Communicate

Trying to keep in touch with everyone is a challenge sometimes.  Not everyone uses the same form of technology to communicate with the rest of the world.  With such a diverse membership we do our best to give everyone an opportunity to stay in touch.  Our primary forms of communication are Facebook, GroupMe, and Twitter.  Please check the blocks at the bottom of the home page of this website.

This is how we communicate:

Facebook iconFacebook:

twitter buttonTwitter:

We try to mirror our most important timely ride updates to this account, for those of you who are serious twitter followers.


GroupMe is a website and mobile app that helps coordinate text messaging between members of groups.  It simplifies group messaging and works by either sending a text message directly to your default text messaging app or to the GroupMe app if you have it installed.  If you want up to the minute information on our rides and participation, this is the place to get it. as most discussions happen here first.  If you would like to be added to one of the GroupMe groups, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your phone number and contact information and we'll get it added.

  • C4 Roadies GroupMe this group contain riders who are interested in primarily road rides.  

  • C4 MTB GroupMe, this group contains riders who are interested in participating in our mountain bike rides.

  • C4 NICA GroupMe this group is for NICA Team members, family and coaches only.

Mailing List Icon greenMailing Lists

in recent years, the popularity of email lists has declined, and their usage has as well.  We still maintain the lists, and you can use them, but we are not currently utilizing them as a main method of communication.   Here we have several lists each serving their own purpose:

  • C4 Rides List - this is our public list that we provide to everyone as a service.  We update everyone on the current status of rides, time changes, and cancellations.  Anyone can sign up for this list and use it to talk to everyone else on the list.  Need a ride partner on a weekday morning or afternoon?  Have special time you need to ride?  Subscribe here, then send out an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to tap into a huge resource full of local riders. 

  • C4 Members Mailing List.  This is for current C4 Members only.  The only way to get on this list is to have an active and valid membership  This list is for club only events, scheduling and discussions.

  • C4 Juniors - this list has been set up to help communicate with all parents and kids who are interested in being a part of our kids mountain biking team.  Subscribe here.